Industrial Ladders and Work Platforms


MHA Products offer a large range of ladders and work platforms. It is important that you Purchase the correct ladder for your specific needs.

You’ll find Ladders and work platforms for sale for just about any need. Looking for a step ladder for your truck or commercial vehicle?

Check out our range it includes:

  • Forklift Safety Cage / work platform
  • Safety Harness
  • Order picking cages
  • Forklift cages
  • General purpose step ladders
  • Heavy Duty Step ladders
  • Aluminium Platform ladders
  • Fibreglass Platform ladders
  • Steel Heavy Duty Rolling platforms
  • Custom access Equipment
  • Mezzanine access ladders
  • Goods cages
  • Crane platform cages
  • Galvanised mesh cage

MHA also have a range of Bailey Ladders these fully welded ladders are constructed from lightweight aluminium for durability and feature a wide and stable work platform

Our ladder and work platform Specialists will help you choose the best ladder for your needs. For a free quote please contact our team on 1800 750 300 or send us a email to