Orbitwrap Products

Orbitwrap Products


MHA’s supply of Orbitwrap products are designed and built with economy, efficiency and safe operation in mind. All the Orbitwrap machines help with packaging products efficiently, creating a more productive workplace environment. Use of these wrapping machines is especially required in industries where wrapping over 50 pallets a day is required. However, if you want a simpler, faster way of wrapping pallets, no matter the number required, these machines are still a great choice.

MHA’s Orbit Wrapper Turntable makes wrapping by hand a lot easier, quicker and cost effective at the same time. Forklift portability allows for easy placement throughout any facility.

Similar to the wrapper turntable, the Orbitwrap 1000 semi-Auto Stretch Wrapping Machine has been built with safe operation and ultimate efficiency in mind. This model is known for a dramatic increase in efficiency and profitability, through lower film cost per load when comparing it to manual stretch wrapping.

The range of Orbitwrap machines, also includes the Orbitwrap Semi Auto Pre-Stretch Wrapping Machine. This wrapping machine gives you all the features you would require to wrap pallet loads quickly and efficiently as possible. Comparing this unit to the OR1000, its guaranteed to pre-stretch up to 250%.

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